The new dimension od design. sound. jukebox.

A futuristic, unique and modern-designed MP3 jukebox.

Its excellent sound, modern design and high-end technology are a result of a two-year development and a lot of experience gained in the production and communication with the various markets.

The standard version has stereo sound which meets the premises up to 200 m2 with 8 top-level speakers. In larger areas it can be connected to the external sound or surround system. Advanced technology enables the sound to be heard equally all over the place. The pleasant sound leaves listeners breathless whether it be 20% or 100% jukebox strength

After years of manufacturing Music Box is

Music Box Features

MP3 songs format

Up to 30000 songs on the hard disk and more

Demo music

In set up you can switch off playing TOP LIST in demo or totally switch off playing demo

Over 150 music types

Switch off any type of music

Touch screen technology

The ability to easily search songs by album, artist or type of music.

Simply adding MP3 songs

imply deleting songs by the statistics

Top Lists

Top list of the week, month or TOTAL

Electronic bookkeeping

Secondary, main and total.

Easy payment

Bill acceptor and coin mechanism

Advertising option

Advertising space

Technical specification

  • Width: 890mm
  • Depth: 650mm
  • Height: 1300mm
  • Weight: 120kg
  • Power supply is 220V
  • Max consumption - 850W
Music Box 1 Music Box 2
Music Box 2